Games of Chance
These are the most popular games to test your luck

These are the most popular games to test your luck

Choosing a game can be a difficult task with all the options and the casinos offer you.

1. Roulette

In this game you have almost a 50% chance of winning (exactly 48.6%, in the case of single-zero roulette) when you place single bets such as on the colour red or black, or on odd or even numbers. But if you bet on the first, second or third dozen, your odds decrease to 32.4%, although it is still a very good option to try your luck. Should you decide to bet on specific numbers, your odds of winning drop to 2.7%, although obviously the winnings are much higher. It’s up to you!

2. Craps

Have you ever wondered why characters in movies often bet on 7 in craps? Well, it’s because it’s the number that has the highest probability of coming up with the sum of the results of the two dice that are rolled (1+6, 6+1, 2+5, 5+2, 3+4, 4+3). So if you bet on it, you would have 6/36 or 16.6% chance of winning. The next numbers you want to bet on are 6 and 8, followed by 5 and 9, and so on. The further you move away from 7, the lower your chances of winning prizes will be.

3. Blackjack

The cool thing about this game, when it’s online, is that it’s just you against the house. As there are no real cards, but each of the cards is the result of the Random Number Generator (they all come out in a completely random way), you have exactly the same chances as the bank to win. Something like 50-50.

4. Baccarat

Online Baccarat is very similar to Blackjack, except that you can bet on the player, the tie or the banker. For obvious reasons a tie is less likely to come out (but gives higher payouts), so we advise you to bet more often on the other two options, but you’ll win early, you’ll win early. Even the unlucky ones win prizes in this game!

5. Slots

They are the most popular casino game, the easiest to play and also the most eye-catching because of their great variety, but the truth is that the odds of winning a very big prize are very small… The advantage is that the stakes also tend to be small. If you have no problem with betting peseta to peseta while having fun and hoping for luck to be on your side, then slot machines are for you. Our advice: check the volatility of the games you choose before you start betting.

Now that you know which games have the best odds of winning, always keep in mind that the main goal of all casinos is to have fun, not to win money. Just keep having fun and getting the adrenaline rush your body needs.

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