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Pokie Turnover Remarkably Grew After The Lockdown In Canada Ended

Pokie Turnover Remarkably Grew After The Lockdown In Canada Ended

The coronavirus crisis in 2020 ended normal life all over the world, and the economic situation isn’t an exception. Hundreds of businesses in Canada, including betting venues, closed their doors, decreasing gambling profits from April till October. While this fact could be beneficial for some players, many gambling enthusiasts returned to playing online as soon as the restrictions were lifted. Due to such great online gambling platforms as Play Amo, thousands of punters can enjoy their favorite games without leaving their houses. What can be better in the situation of the pandemic? 

Pokes losses after the lockdown

Even though losses because of gambling in Aussieland are always on a high level, they significantly increased post lockdown. For instance, betters in Brimbank, a western neighborhood in Melbourne, broke the record for the biggest losses from pokies. Players from Brimbank spent 48.168  AUD for one day in February. 

In Devonport, gamblers lost around $1 million on pokies in March, which look quite impressive. That amount covers funds spent on pokies in the local two casinos as well as abroad. This can be explained by the fact that the city has the highest population in the area.

It seems that the coronavirus restrictions allowed folks to accumulate money, so when gambling establishments began to open, gamblers came back and started to play big. Another crucial factor is connected with the operating hours of the casinos. In Victoria, they work 20 hours per day, which is cool. However, for people with gambling addiction, it could be a problem. 

Can we expect pokies reform in Canada?

Pokie Turnover

The Canadian government isn’t without a plan on how to handle the possible harm from gambling. Lawgivers are constantly trying to control the accessibility of gambling venues, limiting the opening hours. The authorities also propose a project to freeze the number of pokie machines till 2042 and restrain the array of cashing services in gambling areas. Is the problem really serious? 

The Brimbank mayor stated that more than 1.4 billion AUD has been spent on various betting activities in the region in the prior decade. While Victoria seems to renew its gambling strategy, the Tasmanian government intends to cap the local pokie machines at 2350, introducing special licenses for clubs and hotels.

According to the latest statistics, there are around 6.8 million people in Canada who gamble on a regular basis. It is 39% of the entire population! And it doesn’t look that this number will change in the future. 

While the Canadian authorities attempt to control this industry, it could prevent gamblers from having fun. In this case, online gambling is the perfect option as it gives you an opportunity to play whenever you want and whatever you want. With a solid assortment of titles, it is possible to play without any limitations. 

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