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Surebets: what they are and how to make them happen

Surebets: what they are and how to make them happen

Want to know a secret? There is no such thing as infallible sports betting. Are you still there? Good! Because what I would like to explain to you is something that does exist: surebets. Sure bets are those in which, no matter what happens, you will not lose, but you will win. Is that true? Does it exist? Yes, but not 100%.

Before explaining the keys to finding safe bets, it is important to differentiate them from another concept that can be misleading: value bets. This means that the odds assigned to a selection by the bookmaker are higher than the real chances of the event happening.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how to find out the odds of a bet coming true. Well, this is achieved with a very simple formula, even for those who don’t like mathematics. You have to do this simple operation:

  • 100/odds = % probability

Surebets: there are some, there are some

The next step is the key to surebets: finding them. Because not all sporting events are suitable. As already recommended by some of the tipsters who have written in our blog about sports betting tips, it should be noted that to find odds that may be of interest you have to look beyond the typical markets of TOP sports competitions.

The next step is to choose an event where you can turn the odds into probabilities. If the sum of the different selections does not exceed 100, this is your chance. The best thing to do is to explain it with an example of La Liga betting:

  • Odds: Real Sociedad 2.75 – Tie 3.60 – Villarreal CF 2.90.

Now we transform it into odds.

  • Real Sociedad 36.6% + Draw 27.7% + Villarreal CF 34.4% = 98.7%.

Being less than 100, this is a sure bet or surebet. Now is the time to bet. Ideally, bet on the selection with the lowest odds first. In this case it is the Real Sociedad win with odds of 2.75. And for the rest of the selections we do the following operation:

  • Amount bet x odds of the chosen team (2.75) / odds of the current team.

In this way, you will always receive the same amount regardless of the winning bet. And this prize will be greater than the amount bet. Easy, isn’t it? If you have any doubts, try it and you will see how the numbers come out for sure. Of course, we warn you that it is a matter of looking at the same event in different bookmakers to find the difference in odds favourable to the bettor. We know that you will find the most interesting odds to be able to place this type of sports bets or surebets.

On the other hand, at the bookmaker every week they offer safe betting promotions or bets without risk. It is common to see in their Promotions section this type of offers for their registered users. It is much easier and simpler than the traditional way of searching and calculating sure bets.

Surebets today

If planning and searching for surebets is unfeasible due to the closeness of the event and you want to make sure bets today, there are some tricks that may not ensure you make unbeatable bets, but they can give you more chances to succeed. 

Let’s take an example with a search for safe football bets today. A common scenario, familiar to any bettor. In a few hours time, La Liga starts with several interesting matches perfect for reliable football predictions but you haven’t been able to analyse the odds. What to do?

First of all, don’t rush. A good option to get reliable bets is to look at the statistics section. Although they are not infallible, they do show us at a glance some interesting data that can help us to place safe bets today.

Another new features that can help us to feel that we are placing safe bets today is the use of cash out. This is nothing more than the option to cash out before the end of the event you have bet on. Sometimes it is the best way to minimise losses and sometimes it is the best way to secure a profit. It is a tool that we recommend you to use when you have not been able to do all the elements that we have been explaining to you to make your surebets or safe bets. If you are still here, reading these words, we recommend one last tip. And that is to take advantage of our Welcome Bonus, with which after registering, we double up to $100 your first deposit. This way, you will have twice as many chances to put into practice our little tutorial on surebets or safe sports bets. All you have to do is click on the banner below.

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