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Multiplayer Blackjack

Multiplayer Blackjack

It is undeniable that the experience of playing in an online casino is becoming more and more similar to that of land-based casinos. The main difference is still the lack of interaction with the public, dealers and other players, and here live casino games help to break down these barriers. Thanks to the chat available to us, we can talk to them and comment on the evolution of the game.

How to play multiplayer blackjack

Depending on the room, we can play multiplayer blackjack in European or American modes, but the game is identical to playing solo. We place the bet, the dealer deals the cards and the player has to add up to 21 or get as close as possible to that number, being careful not to overdo it. To do this, the cards from 2 to 10 have a numerical value, the J, Q and K are also worth 10 and the Ace has a value of 1 or 11 depending on the player’s interest. The suit of the card is indifferent, and the game is played with six decks of cards.

When we join a multiplayer blackjack table, we are assigned a seat. If a game is in progress, we will have to wait as spectators until it ends before we can join and bet. First, each player places bets, always within the limits set by the casino. So that the game does not take forever, players have a certain amount of time to place their bets. Once all the players’ bets are on the table, the croupier starts to deal.

Starting with the player seated to the right of the screen – to the dealer’s left – and moving clockwise. The first player to receive a card starts the game, and when his or her turn is over, the player to his or her left is dealt, and so on until the last player is dealt. At a multiplayer blackjack table there can be between 1 and 5 players, the maximum to ensure that the game runs smoothly – just as in multi-hand blackjack you can have a maximum of 5 hands. There can be more players in the room as spectators.

Player’s turn

With the cards on the table, the player has the option to double down, split, hit or stand. The first two options require a new bet, and splitting means playing with two hands. You will see a timer showing you the time remaining to make your decision, which is reset if you decide to continue playing (double down, split or hit). The player’s turn ends when he stands, reaches 21 or exceeds 21 and is eliminated.

But before the turn begins, there is the possibility that the dealer’s revealed card is an Ace. In that case, each player can place an insurance bet for half his initial bet, covering himself against a possible blackjack by the dealer. The same time order is followed, and when the last player has decided whether or not to make the insurance bet, the first player plays his hand. In multiplayer blackjack, the surrender rule, which allows us to fold, does not apply unless the room rules specify otherwise.

Dealer’s Turn

The dealer’s turn is not affected by multiplayer, their turn always works the same. The hidden card is revealed and if it has less than 17 points, the dealer draws. The dealer is obliged to draw if he has 16 points or less and to stand if he has 17 points or more. Logically, if he has more than 21 points, he has lost the game and the other players win. After the dealer’s turn, the game of multiplayer blackjack is over and bets are paid.

Where to play?

Beyond land-based casinos, you can play multiplayer blackjack at most online casinos operating in the UK. Just go to the card section of the casino and look for this game mode, which also appears as multiplayer blackjack in some casinos where the English name is used. It is worth noting that it is a live casino game, so some operators may include it in that section. When playing live, demo mode is not available.

Before entering a multiplayer blackjack room, you will be presented with the table rules or conditions, which you should read carefully. There are two key aspects that you cannot overlook: the version of blackjack and the betting limit. Although the American and European versions of the game have a very similar mechanism, there are small differences that can be decisive in the resolution of the game. The betting limit is also key, especially when setting the minimum bet.

Advantages of multiplayer blackjack

Undoubtedly, one of the main advantages of multiplayer blackjack is that it offers a much more casino-like experience than other versions of the game. The fact that you only have one hand when in the other versions you can accumulate up to 5, the presence of other players to share the table with or the possibility of interacting via chat with the dealer and the other players only reinforce the game experience and give it an extra touch of realism. It is also worth noting that multiplayer blackjack has a return to player rate of over 99.6% provided an optimal playing strategy is used. It is clear that to reach that RTP you have to know how to play blackjack, for which we must first learn about the different strategies, when we should ask for a card, when to check, how to manage insurance bets and the options of splitting or doubling our bet. In any case, this is a very interesting live casino game, a classic that never goes out of fashion.

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