About Party

The United Party of Canada got approved by Election Canada on the October 26, 2018.

The United Party of Canada believes in putting Canadians first. We believe in prudent fiscal policies, but also strongly believe that critical expenditures are often necessary.

To this end, The United Party of Canada espouses principles of both Liberalism and Conservatism, being just a little left of the centre of the political spectrum.

UPC recognizes that for the last 151 years, only two parties have ascended to lead Canada, the Liberals and Conservatives—this is despite Canada’s growing diversity, multi-cultural fabric and economic complacency. We believe it is time to break the cycle with progressive change by positioning ourselves to, not only listen to the voices of Canadians, but to lead this great country to the changes it desires. Supporting The UPC Party is about endorsing changes, It’s about changing 151 years of Liberal and Conservative government. It’s also about REAL democracy by giving Canada a real chance at meaningful change by having the option of choosing from more than just the status quo.

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