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Stenneth Smith: Humber River

Stenneth Smith is member of “The United Party Of Canada and a proud Canadian. As the son of immigrant parents, he has first hand experience living in Canada as a student, worker, a member of the working class as well as being raised by a single mother.

He has been involved in after school programs where he teaches youth in the community cooking and life management skills while working several jobs. He is therefore committed to the progress and success of the youth by ensuring their voices are heard.

As a UPC candidate, Mr. Smith will be committed to working with Carlton Darby to look at programs designed specifically to support the low-income family. He will also be addressing the important issues such as affordable housing, livable wages and senior’s health care.

Mr. Smith understands the challenges faced by members of the Humber River community.  These critical issues require a person who has had a direct lived experience with these issues. Such a person is able to see the gaps within the community and can build a bridge across them in order to ensure that progress is made.
He is willing to be that bridge so your voices can be heard.

The Humber River area is a humbling place to live. It is filled with life, energy and diversity.  Mr. Smith wants to ensure that the essence of life, love and diversity remains intact for all the people that dwell within the Humber River Community while ensuring critical challenges are resolved.

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