About Candidate

The Founder and Leader of, “The United Party of Canada” is Carlton Darby who is also a true and dedicated Canadian.

Carlton Darby migrated to Canada from Jamaica 28 years ago. He grew up in Kingston, Jamaica. He maintains that Canada is his home as he has lived in Canada for most of his life.

He lives in Mississauga where he raised a family. He is an Accountant, an Author and the Founder and President of a business establishment, selling medical equipment.

Carlton is a Christian believer who is active in his church and is respectful of all religions. Carlton supports many charity organizations in Canada. While he has never ran for an elective office, Carlton has many years of experience working behind the scenes in politics and community involvement.

Over the years he worked in many capacities during elections; for example, as Financial Agent for the Conservative Party of Canada during the former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s tenure.

Carlton argues that since migrating to Canada, he has voted for all three major political parties and his support was always based on the issues and not on party’s affiliation.

He believes that Canadians are seeking a new more balanced political direction. The Conservatives are too conservative and the Liberals are too liberal, on this premise Carlton has founded The United Party of Canada. It will adopt the best of Conservatism and of Liberalism, combined with our core values to govern Canada. The United Party of Canada will always put Canadians first.